We continuously integrate the latest technologies into our operations to deliver cost-effective, optimized and value-added solutions to our customers.

Our team of architects research and design works to meet the needs of customers, ensure the requirements of dividing the area in accordance with the purpose of use as well as the function of each area, as well as calculate the open space for the future and ensure the movement of materials, goods and employees without interfering with each other. All designs are created using Revit software to help control all changes and avoid collisions between MEP systems and the structure.

Through innovative engineering, our software has also helped customers save money and save time in construction. Our Structural engineers are also trained to design structures that are suitable and compliant with standards, as well as special requirements such as earthquake resistance. Our MEP design solutions deliver user comfort, ease of maintenance and scalability as well as cost savings from systems operating with maximum energy efficiency.

We comply with stringent local fire police or FM approval requirements. We combine this specific knowledge of fire and safety rules with a full range of capabilities to ensure high safety standards for projects. In addition, we have an experienced team in charge of process piping design, utility system such as cooling system, compressor air system...for many types of plants.


We have extensive experience in applying knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project management, and site management to meet quality, schedule, and cost control requirements, and the potential risk of any project. With our many years of management experience, we quickly find the bottlenecks of the project (if any) to propose appropriate and timely solutions to ensure the project is completed on schedule at a reasonable cost.

With knowledge of laws, standards, and regulations, we quickly find out and always ensure that the project is completed in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the authorities.

We also closely monitor HSE standards and recommend immediate solutions when defects or potential risks are detected during construction.